Nadi Schools

More Than a School


Nadi Schools Makurdi is a private owned educational institution of learning which started on 13th September, 2013 to provide the basic qualitative, holistic and world class education to the Benue child and Nigeria by extension. The school is duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission and approved by Benue State Ministry of Education. The school offers practical exercises to learning in all subject areas, provides instructional videos for learning and a personalized online platform that empowers learners to study at their own pace in and outside the classroom. The programmes in the school are built on International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which is the combination of the Nigerian, the British, American, Montessori and Christian Accelerated curriculum which helps in meeting up the academic, physical, mental, socio-economic and spiritual needs of our children. The school has a well equipped state of the art ICT laboratory, a beautiful and equipped musical laboratory, sporting facilities, a standard library stocked with pupils’ books and teachers’ resource materials to enhance and promote teaching and learning.

The school is built on the core values of Love, Integrity, Faith, Excellence and Patience. To meet up with best global educational practices, our teachers are well trained and refashioned to aggressively use digital technology to make teaching and learning simple, interesting and fun for learners. At this level, our learners are taught to think, design their own learning pathways, create and do amazing things that are valuable to themselves and the society. Furthermore, we create a conducive learning environment with adequate background knowledge in all fields of study for pupils to promote their likelihood of creating healthy self-identities and be tolerant of divergent approaches and think creatively from a global perspective. We encourage our learners to go extra miles at this level by registering them (as a school) to participate in external competitions put in place by professional bodies such MAN, STAN, NTIC as well as participate in other competitions such as Spelling Bee and Science Exhibition Fair. 

Nadi schools is hooked up to a 15KVA solar system that provides constant power supply to the school as well as CCTV installation that provides adequate security and proper monitoring of all activities in the school.

Our Classes include: Creche, Preparatory, Kindergarten 1-3 and Grade 1-6.


To raise children to become instruments of positive transformation in the society by instilling God centred values in them.


To create a dynamic, favourable and a modern environment for teaching and learning in order to produce intelligent, enlightened and highly socialized children who are fit to pursue secondary school education and become effective, integrated and productive members of the society.

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